Minecraft duplication glitch

step 1:Put item in inventory

step 2:Drop item(More items dropped = more items duplicated)

step 3:Pause and click "Save and Quit To Title"

step 4:Play the world with dropped items

step 5:Pick up items

step 6:Pause. Wait for the world to save.

step 7:Exit Minecraft

step 8:Open Minecraft again

step Enjoy the duplicated items! (Work with diamonds) 

more coming soon

how to get the dragon egg in two ways

1.ok so you just defeated the ender dragon

so you tap the egg

2.then find where it teleported to

3.then mine the block under it and place a torch under it

4.thats how you get the egg

way 2

1.tap the egg

2.find the egg

3.mine a tunnel 2 deep 3 long

4.then mine the blocks above you at the end of the tunnel

5.place a piston facing the egg

6.add a block in front of the egg

7.power the piston

8.you got the egg


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