​tips, good classes and more...

a good sniper class in black ops 2

​1.get a semi automatic sniper rifle​

​2.add a ballistic cpu and hybrid optic scope

3.go to your secondary slot

4.add a cross bow with zoom

​5.enjoy it you snipers

a good class in black ops 2

​1.get a light machine gun of your choice

​2.add a stock and a reflex scope

​3.go to secondary slot go to the second to last pistol

​4.add a dual wield to it

​5.enjoy your class

a good hand to hand combat class in black ops 3

1.get a special secondary weapon like a knife

2. have your specialist to gravity spikes or ripper

3. for your primary add nothing

4.in your granade slot ad a C4 an for your other slot add a shock charge

thats a good hand to hand combat calss in BO3